Against Hurricanes.

"Hurricane Guarantee"

For all our customers who have confirmed reservations and can not make the trip on the dates scheduled for closing airports and / or stopping of hotel operations due to cyclones and / or hurricanes that could affect our destiny; this information must be validated by the National Hurricane Center of the United States and Civil Protection of the State of Quintana Roo to the "Guarantee if Hurricane" is activated.


This warranty is intended to give peace of mind to our clients and guests that your investment will be protected and you can change your reservation to another date if the dates of your stay we have some real contingency Hurricane, this warranty will be valid for 6 months from the issuance of the warning by the aforementioned institutions.


Example if your trip was scheduled for October 15, 2014 may move your reservation to the next months with the maximum date for travel April 15, 2015


There will be no restrictions on dates or seasons to change dates, nor rate increase, the original reservation was respected: the same number of nights, same number of guests, same food plan. Apply equally to passengers who must interrupt their stay for the real threat of a weather event of this kind, making the change valid for the remaining days of your stay.


All date changes are subject to availability and must be confirmed with the dates change at least 30 days prior to arrival.


                       • Do not apply renaming holder
                       • extra charges apply only if you want to increase the number of passengers, nights and / or change of plan
                       • If there is lower traffic on the reservation does not apply to refund the difference in fare.